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Was thinking about how nice it was that so many people got pissed off at Mitt Romney for his brainless comments about the “47 percent” that are leeching off of the hard-working taxpayers of the United States. It’s one of the few times, it seems, that people rightfully understood what a politician was saying, and responded by thinking he was an asshole.

The reason that response was unusual, I think, is that we’ve all become so jaded, we believe anything a politician says can be taken in the context of pandering to the immediate audience. Mitt’s people could have just said, (and did,) that his words were only meant for those people in that room, that he was just trying to get some contributions going, and in no way should anyone take him seriously.

"Tomorrow he’ll be talking to a room full of filthy poor people, and we’ve already got a few pages of horseshit he’ll be telling them that he doesn’t believe either."

What that really means is no matter what a politician says, you can’t trust that they actually believe it. So if that’s the case, the only safe course of action is to believe ALL of it. So from now on, no matter what someone running for office says, if they say it, they believe it. If they say they are, “Christian,” then they really believe an invisible man in the sky is running planet. (In which case, what the hell do we need to elect people for anyway?)

If he says there is proof of weapons of mass destruction, and we don’t find any, than he was lying out both sides of his uneducated mouth.

Also, if at Christmas they say something about how NORAD is “tracking Santa,” and that he’s delivering presents to all the girls and boys, fuck him - that means he believes in Santa.

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