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My Problem with Google Glass

Google Glass is going to be the beginning of a total loss of public privacy. When everyone is wearing one of these things, especially once they figure out how to hide what they are, no one will be able to opt out of the databases they are added to.


That’s bad enough - but what enrages me is the disingenuous argument these Glass-holes respond with: That all is lost anyway, so who cares? I always hear someone saying something like, “People can already take your picture and upload it with a cell phone anyway, so who cares?”

Similarly, the ocean is already dirty from all that British Petroleum oil from a few years ago - so there’s no logical reason not to dump all of our trash into the ocean, is there? Fuck it! We’ve already waded ankle deep into hell, that means we’re practically already swimming in it!

A better idea would be to respect other people who want nothing to do wtih Google, Facebook, or the collective masses desire to have everything and everyone available online, whether they like it or not.

So the real argument from these self-important dicks should be, “this is what I do for fun, and while it impacts on you, I not only don’t care, but I’m going to be critical of you for bitching about it.”

"Get over it."

I am sure, “Get over it” will be the last words of the first person I ever murder.

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